March 30, 2020

Remember this? – Socializing?

Dear fellow isolators,

How our world has changed in the last few weeks!

I hope everyone is staying healthy as well as in touch with friends and loved ones. I am in London trying to keep busy, or at very least occupied. Yesterday evening we had a cocktail party with friends – over the phone.


August 12, 2019

Beware the fair!

There is nothing quite like the wild experience of a visit to the Salone del Mobile in Milan. If you relish in the latest in modern design, or decorating is your thing, or your home is the center of your life, then a trip to the Mecca of all things visually delicious is a bucket-list must. But beware —


August 5, 2019


There is one simple reason why I spend so much precious time in Tuscany. The same goes for my family and my best friends, Jacky and Steve. In fact, we started the Tuscan Getaways together for exactly this reason: each time our feet are planted on this terra nova, we feel alive. We are shimmering with vitality. Our eyes sparkle.


August 1, 2019

Dinner with “Me”


Hi everyone,

Please join me Sunday August 18th, 2019 | 5:30pm-8:00pm, for an enchanting evening of fine wine, a delicious Italian gourmet sit-down dinner prepared by Chef Julien Laffargue, live music and me at Ricarda’s Toronto.

I will be chatting about how to design your next chapter and finding your vitality.


Throwback to my childhood

When I was nine years old my father built me my own house. More of a rough wooden cube but it became my beloved childhood den. My dad was an engineer, not of clever bridges or fancy buildings but of machines that made sweets. He designed and built the machines that made some of the candies we all still enjoy today.


September 21, 2018

Life isn’t perfect but your jewelry can be

ONCE upon a time… there was a girl who lived in a magical place. Just being in this place made her feel healthy and she brimmed with vitality. In fact she felt so good about herself that she decided to share the sense of utopia with other like-minded girls. She invited them to join her amongst the olive groves and vineyards at her villa in Tuscany.


July 9, 2018

Design Your Next Chapter

You probably have dreamed of a next chapter, even kept a seed of an idea, or two or three, tucked away. And I’m sure that every now and then you find yourself thinking about that idea, wondering what it would really be like to dance to a new rhythm…

I had my own dream. Mine started with a tentative conversation with my husband about buying a simple holiday home in Italy,


June 1, 2018

Great design from classic cars to bottle openers

As fifteen classic BMWs cars sauntered through a tiny medieval village there was a earth shattering roar. Alongside us the entire mesh fence in front of
a school yard was filled with excited young children shouting and waving at us. Our bumper to bumper line of beautiful old cars stretched along the
cobbled street. Some of the kids escaped the confounds of the school and ran along side us whooping with joy.


March 1, 2018

A Fashionable Throw Back Thursday

As spring approaches, the fashion news is shouting out the new trends. Oh, what to wear this spring? This year I am thrilled to say that I am 18 years
ahead of everyone. I have had several sarcastic comments already, mostly from my kids. “Look mum, you are finally in vogue!” Yes, the onesy, boiler suit, jump suit,


January 18, 2018

A year for new adventures & a special DESIGN-LOVERS RETREAT

Love design, love decorating. Fancy a trip to both London and Tuscany with me – then read on:

These first weeks of the new year have so many of us giving up on something. No more booze as you tackle ‘dry January,’ not one more Quality Street
until next Christmas, puddings after every meal – done with them and enough with the binge watching of constant Netflix series…