Design a welcoming entrance to your garden with a romantic archway and pots of climbing roses.
An overhead trellis provides options for transforming an outdoor dining area into a magical meeting place.

Dear Debbie;

We are looking for ideas to separate our garden spaces. Our house is on a corner lot and the lawn wraps around front and back. What would you suggest to divide part of it up into a more private space? We enjoy some gardening but not too labour intensive. With thanks,
— Eugene

Dear Eugene;

To make your space completely private you would require a fence or a high hedge, but I don’t think that is what you are after. It is possible to designate a portion of your lot to a more private purpose by adding a partial fence. Rather than completely blocking views, this would provide a visual change. Not necessary to extend the fence to the street and the house, just build a section with a gate and a short pathway. An arch over the gate is an irresistible addition. Archways make a connection; they symbolize the beginning or the end of a journey. As you open your gate and pass under the arch, a journey to your more private garden space begins. Archways are also a symbol of strength and support and, depending on their purpose, create a warm and welcoming presence. It’s a timeless design that marks special occasions such as weddings and graduations as well as beautifying a garden.

A short stone pathway will direct you and your visitors to a space that is designed for seating. Plant a small garden, perhaps add a bird bath or other type of water feature and a bistro table and chairs.

During this time of self-isolation long walks have become a daily ritual for many of us. It is delightful to view all the beautiful garden spaces along the way, each one with its own individual stamp. Let me know what plan you devise.

Dear Debbie;

When at a family gathering in my niece’s back patio, I was impressed at how she had designed her outdoor dining space with an overhead trellis. Are there other options for an overhead design?
— Marianna

Dear Marianna;

Trellises are available in a variety of styles depending on the design you choose. For a trellis such as the one you describe the top could be flat or arched. Look for descriptors including pergolas and arbors to find a size that fits your needs. Also consider how you are going to decorate the stand. A standard trellis will support light weight ivies and string lights. If you are going to hang something heavier overhead, such as a chandelier, be sure that the arches can sustain the weight.

Adding a decorative rooftop over an outdoor table enhances the natural setting in many ways and you can adjust your decorations to suit the time of year and the occasion. An outdoor electrical outlet is worth the investment. Be sure to have a professional install the service. Or shop for an old chandelier and replace the electric bulbs with candles. Battery operated candles and fairy lights are safe and don’t mind the summer breezes.

Light up the sides and top of the trellis or arbor for a magical show. Transport you and your guests to a sidewalk café in Paris or a starry night by the lake.