3D wall panels brighten up a modern den adding texture and dimension as well as interest.

Dear Debbie;

We have recently removed some cheap paneling from our den and the walls are a mess. I’ve seen some textured wallpaper that I like, which would help cover up the scrapes. But a friend is keen on a 3D wall panel product that is awesome to look at. Is this a good idea?
— Leon

Dear Leon:

Although heavy wallpapers and panels will hide imperfect walls, it is best to repair holes, gouges and cracks and lightly sand and clean the walls before you apply a new decorative surface. Panels are attached with adhesive and a smooth surface will make the task easier and last longer. Also, with proper preparation paper and panels are going to be easier to remove when you decide on a new look.

If you are thinking of creating a focal wall, then the new 3D wall panels are a great choice. The panels come in a variety of patterns including cubes, waves, sand, bricks, craters, pebbles and kites to name a few. They are paintable, which broadens your choices for an imaginative display even more. 3D panels are made from plastic, wood, mdf, vinyl or plant fiber. The different materials have their own pros and cons. All are possible to be applied by yourself. The panels in the vignette shown here are called Vault from walldecor3d.com. The raw material used for production is the plant fiber found as the fibrous residue remaining after sugarcane stalks are crushed to extract their juice. Panels made from plant fiber are earth-friendly products, which is a big plus. However, they are not as durable as plastic or wood. Check out the website for DIY instructions and videos.

Not just for a full wall treatment these panels are an excellent resource for wainscoting. Build an intriguing lower wall that can be as modern and colourful as a giant puzzle or as calm and peaceful as a lakeside in summer. The panels can also be applied separately. Build your own modern art that floats across the wall.

Dear Debbie;

I’d like to have some fun decorating our children’s bedroom. What would you suggest for the walls, especially around the lower walls? We have 5-year-old twin girls with different interests, Lego and Paw Patrol are favourites.
— Miranda

Dear Miranda;

I agree with your interest in the lower walls. This is just the right height for your young girls to reach and relate to, and there are lots of ways to make it fun. The most basic is to divide off a dado (one third of the wall at the bottom). Paint sections or stripes in a few colours – pink, blue and purple are favourites. Add a few shelves low down for collections. Kids like to touch everything so encourage exploration with peel and stick tiles that have tactile textures, shiny, bumpy, grassy, oh and slimy – they love slime. 3D wall panels are a great choice for dados and they are paintable. Raised squares or swirly lines can be painted, a fun and easy project and let the girls join in. Also think about the ceiling. You could paint fluorescent stars and planets, airplanes, birds, and butterflies. Ask them what they see in the sky during the day and then at night. A child’s room is their first world. Make it a safe and happy place for discovery and you have given your children the best gift ever. Enjoy this project and let us know how it goes.