Set the stage for a glorious bathroom with dare-to-be pink and a lustrous shade of gray.
Build in added storage shelves to hold all your bathing needs without taking up precious space on the counter.

The bathroom is one of the busiest, hardworking spaces in your home. It’s there for you when you begin and end your day and how well it looks and functions can make a big impact on your mood. Whether you are in a hurry to get to work in the morning or relaxing in a bath in the evening this is a room that deserves your attention.

It may not be the right time for a complete renovation, but here are a few tips for creating the best bathroom for you right now. Your first priority is to ensure that everything in this room works. Fix or replace anything that is in poor repair, such as dripping taps, a marred or rusty bathtub finish, or damaged floor tiles. Set a budget for your project and include enough for a splurge item or two. Check out the on trend designs in taps and faucets. No touch sink taps are hygienic, highly functional showerheads can be controlled to specific types of flow. Dual-flush toilets save on water. Comfort-height toilets are 2 inches higher than standard; this is a luxury for tall people, seniors and those with chronic injuries.

Get creative with bathroom storage. If you have a vanity with drawers, add separators to the drawers to keep beauty items in their own space. No more frustrating searches for the hair curlers, brushes and makeup. If you are short on storage space, consider cutting out room for shelves on one of the walls. Shown here, symmetrical vertical tiles create a dramatic, linear frame flanking the shelves. To achieve an attractive visual balance, the items lined up on the shelves break the monotone appearance. And all your body care products are close to hand.

If you are in the market for new cabinetry, look for doors and drawers that are flat, no handles jutting out. This contemporary design is a clever way to make your space feel larger. And the smooth surface is easier to clean. If possible, leave the sink’s countertop free from clutter. Yes to soap and hand cream (preferably in containers that match your style). All else can be stored in the drawers and shelves you have put in.

With all else in place it’s time to decorate the walls. Here’s where your individual taste and style come in. What colour/s make you smile? I spotted a stunning bathroom @thecuriousdepartment and loved the richness and playfully sophisticated atmosphere that was developed by partnering the Opium Blush Pink wallpaper with dark gray paint. The wallpaper is from a U.K. company, and I’m sure you can find something similar at your favourite retailers. Because there isn’t much wall space to cover, costly wallpaper is not a deal breaker. Consider it a splurge item. Even in a bathroom with a shower that builds up steam, good wallpaper and the proper paint will hold up well.

Lighting is most important when you are working at the sink. Side lights such as sconces direct light at an angle that is less conducive to casting unattractive shadows. You’ll look great. And the mirror should be a good size and shape. Soft curves rather than sharp angles are friendlier. Now you will look forward to morning and evening rituals and a bathroom you have designed to suit you.