Candlelight flickering amid a display of glass containers make the season bright.
As easy as one, two, three, a bouquet of flowers twinkles merrily.

Dear Debbie;

I was not able to decorate and shop this year due to an accidental fall, which left me incapacitated for a few months. I discovered how little was needed to make my home feel festive. It is the season of overabundance, but a few candles and flowers and some bright ribbon is all it took. Happy Christmas and here’s to the simple things.
— Penny

Dear Penny;

I am sorry to hear about your accident and thank you for your thoughtful message. I think we have all had years when circumstances didn’t allow for the seasonal decorating and shopping that we would like to have accomplished. It takes very little to create a holiday mood while you take a well-earned rest. Here are two simple ideas that brighten up the holidays with little fuss. Turn on some festive tunes to nudge that holiday spirit.

A merry mix of glass containers and pillar candles match up to make a display that flickers with warmth. Fill spaces in and around the clear containers with nuts and twigs, evergreen sprigs and berries. Pine and cinnamon scented candles bring on delicious aromas of the out of doors or home baking. Note that if the display is going to be unattended use battery candles.

You might need a little help with the second project. Assemble one or two canning jars, a string of twinkle lights, a faux flower bouquet and pieces of strong cord or ribbon. Tuck the lights into the jar, insert the flowers and tie the cord around the mouth of the jar. The delightful bouquet can sit on a table or attach a loop for hanging on the wall.

A wintry garland of evergreen, a bright red poinsettia plant and a vase of red and white carnations are holiday favourites. As a special treat, look for a Christmas orchid to grace your table or buffet. These elegant plants aren’t difficult to care for and their blooms will last right into the new year and beyond.

Dear Debbie;

I’m hoping you can settle an argument for me. I won’t say which side I am on. Every year there is the same challenge about when decorations should go up and come down. One person really loves the season and wants it to last. The other person says it’s too commercial and is happy to see the end of it. Help keep the peace.
— Robin

Dear Robin;

This is a tricky question. I don’t think there is a right answer. Much of what we do this time of year is based on traditions that we grew up with. If these are happy memories, we want to continue to follow in the family footsteps. String the lights up outside on December 1st. Put up and decorate the tree Christmas eve. Baking can go on all month. The inside decorations come down before New Year’s Eve. However, two or more views on holiday traditions can co-exist in the same household. Understand and compromise. You will enjoy the holidays more if you are both in at least partial agreement.