A two-tone diamond pattern is stenciled using silver metallic paint and glaze.
Up the glamour in your bathroom with an application of silver metallic plaster.

The allure of silver has led the way in many decorative styles. Traditionally, the elegant gleam of a dining table set with sterling silverware and candelabras sets an undeniably rich tone. And even the simplest entrée gains mouthwatering appeal when presented on a silver platter. The dazzle of silver decorative finishes from jewelry to lamps flourishes in art deco style, and furniture and accessory pieces from that era have become a collector’s prize. In modern, minimalist terms silver became dulled down and grey took over, matte shades with a quiet mood and clean, spare lines. All well and good for a calm, uncluttered space, but there will always be a spot for the unfettered charm and attraction of silver.

If you are dreaming about adding a luxurious touch to a bathroom or bedroom, why not look to a metallic finish? Decorating a wall with a silver treatment has never been easier. There are now paint and plaster products produced that are water-based and user friendly for even the neophyte DIYer. Choose a silver metallic paint glaze, the glaze is applied over a solid colour base coat, which allows the base colour to shine through but brightened with the silver. If you prefer a denser appearance, choose silver metallic paint. Two-tone diamonds were stenciled onto a wall using Modern Master’s metallic paints in Oyster and Champagne. The pattern is highlighted by the brush marks that run through the lighter shades horizontally and the darker diamonds vertically. Any glazing mixture has a longer open time than water-based paint, which dries quickly. The wet glaze allows you to play, leaving behind brush marks.

For a shimmery satin appearance, look for Metallic Plaster. It’s not difficult to apply. Use a trowel to smooth it on, and if you aren’t happy, scrape it back and try again. Soon you will get the hang of it. Metallic plaster is even more magical as the light plays off the smooth, coloured surface. You can stencil with plaster just like paint. To achieve the effect of a scalloped pattern like the bathroom wall shown here, look for ShimmerStone Tintable Base in two tones of silver. Apply a base coat of paint. Lightly spray the stencil with spray adhesive and firmly press onto the surface. Spread a thin coat of the Tintable Base over the stencil covering the entire surface. Remove stencil, let dry, then reapply stencil and plaster with second colour randomly. The multi shaded effect develops as the shades peek through each other.

There are wonderful furniture pieces out there that need a new home. Here’s another opportunity to add an opulent air to your rooms. A few coats of silver paint on a dresser or bedside table, some edging around a headboard or picture frame, a lamp base renewed will transform not just that piece but the energy in your room. Visit Jim Connelly on instagram.com/jimconnellystudios for ideas. Jim is a master at rejuvenating furniture pieces that have been discarded. His imagination soars when he sees an unloved dresser or chair and if it’s not too damaged he heads for the paint pots. Silver is one of Jim’s go-to finishes as he loves dazzle and charm.

Is it time to up the opulence in your life, if only in a corner? I hope so.