ONCE upon a time… there was a girl who lived in a magical place. Just being in this place made her feel healthy and she brimmed with vitality. In fact she felt so good about herself that she decided to share the sense of utopia with other like-minded girls. She invited them to join her amongst the olive groves and vineyards at her villa in Tuscany. They came from all corners of the globe. Nearby was a medieval hilltop town surrounded by a massive wall. In the center was a grand palazzo. Inside this stoic palace they wandered through the cool, dark hallways that eventually lead them to a stone staircase. They climbed down, deep into the bowels of the ancient building. The old cantina, once used to store oil, cheeses and ham hocks was now a brilliant Aladdin’s cave of the most sensational treasures. Exquisite necklaces, rings, pendants and charms draped from every surface and behind glass doors were displays of glittering earrings and chains. The girls froze. There was a communal intake of breath at the marvels ahead. Then the spell was broken and in a frenzy of joyful expectation they rushed towards the bounty of shiny pieces.

This is not a complete fairy tale story. The day I first visited this emporium which, yes, is below a once grand palazzo, I too was enthralled by the jewelry but even more so by the story shared by the owner Sebastian. His great, great-grandfather had started the business of fine jewelry making decades ago and now into its fourth generation they welcome guests to their workshops and showroom. For seven years I have been taking the ladies from our getaways and have been filled with immense pleasure as I have watched them try on, cavort and simply relish in the joys of playing in this grown-up dress-up box. There has never been a soul who has not adored the designs and of course bought gifts for themselves and for others. Then my entrepreneurial ever-active brain thought “why not bring these pieces home so everyone can enjoy them.” Sebastian and I worked together on a collection of different styles of chains, earrings and pendants and bracelets all designed in a unique gold finish around classic Roman styles such as coins and keys. We created a treasure trove of stunning pieces.

Today they are all available at my new on-line store – designed and made in Tuscany and delivered directly to your home. We have limited amounts though. These special pieces, at sensational prices are perfect for any look from everyday to that special occasion!

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