A riot of blooms covers every surface of this glorious living room from studioten25.
Not just for the porch, brightly painted rattan furnishings offer nostalgic comfort in a country living room
Invite spring inside and think vertical for indoor gardens.

As the popular song from Rogers and Hammerstein’s musical blockbuster Carousel goes, “June is bustin’ out all over”. It’s a special time of year that promises so much — new growth, renewed energy, heightened feelings of wellbeing, these all blossom as we welcome a fabulous change of seasons. This June will look and feel very different as the world copes with COVID-19. But the natural re-birth and beauty on view outside can offer spiritual support and optimism. Let’s take a look at some décor tips that are big favourites and allow you to enjoy the outside inside.

Florals are bigger and bolder than ever as we celebrate nature’s paint brush and bring it indoors. Start with a roll or two of floral wallpaper. Floral images can be tiny and refined or overscale and boisterous. They work to revive any room and sit happily alongside all background colours. So pick your mood; clean, fresh white for a living room, dark green for a den, midnight blue for a bedroom. Then one wall of floral wallpaper will pop all the colours and the atmosphere. Floral fabrics glow on upholstered chairs, like sitting in the garden. Nature themes on bed and table linens bring the outdoors in to enjoy day and night. And a vase of cut flowers are irresistible.

Rattan and wicker furniture and accessories such as lampshades, foot stools and baskets are having a resurgence, not just outside but showing up in living rooms and bedrooms as well as sunrooms. (When winter rolls around simply change the cushions.) Think about a new coat of paint for flea market finds or wicker furniture you’ve had for a while. Clean thoroughly with a brush and let dry. If your paint product calls for it, prime a glossy surface. You can use spray paint, applied in thin layers. Build up the colour so that you don’t get drips. If you prefer to use a paint brush, be sure to push the bristles into all the grooves, applying thin layers.

Apartment dwellers take heart. You can share in the delights of gardening indoors, even in a small space. The secret is vertical gardening. One option is to attach a trellis of some kind onto a wall close to a window that gets good light. At apartmenttherapy.com I spotted regular wood or wire garden trellises and also ones made from wood pallets or formed from a combination of rope and leather strips. Devise your own backing. It is most important to secure the trellis to the wall with strong screws and plugs as the flowerpots can be heavy. Another option is to use a garment rack on wheels. I like this idea as you can move it around to get the best available light. For your vertical garden that is attached to a wall choose small pots and plant anything from herbs and ivies to annual blooms. Larger plants can hang from a garment rack as shown.

Balconies and porches are treated as outdoor rooms more than ever in today’s self-isolating times. Decorate with the flowers you love and a few comfy chairs. Create a welcoming glow with twinkle lights, lanterns, and protected candles. Embrace June in all its glory.