This unique mosaic tile backsplash carries its happy design up to the ceiling.
Copper verdigris sheets are stunning with the cabinet colour emphasizing the turquoise/blue.

If originality can be a trend, it’s happening now. More than ever our homes are taking on the personalities of those who live there. Cookie-cutter designs, matching furniture suites, bland colour palettes are a thing of the past. The kitchen, long touted as the heart of the home, continues to lead the pack when it comes to change, big change. There are many opportunities to be creative when decorating the kitchen. Surfaces abound, from countertops, flooring and cabinetry to walls and backsplashes. Product lines have expanded in all price ranges, making choices more difficult, but exciting!

It’s easy to put your personal stamp on your kitchen design with a unique backsplash. Here’s a lineup of what is new and exciting for you to peruse. Don’t be shy about exploring new materials. Maybe move out of your comfort zone a bit.

Your backsplash is a focal point. It’s the perfect place to add colour, pattern and flair to the kitchen. Today, the space that a backsplash takes up is growing. As upper cabinets disappear to be replaced by open shelves, there is more wall to look at. Not just positioned behind the sink and stove, backsplashes are now reaching up to the ceiling. Tiles are covering walls from counter to ceiling, even floor to ceiling. And the look is amazing.

Mosaic tile patterns have their roots in ancient decorating techniques. Today’s look is totally modern as shown here with swirls of colour that shine around random circles that reach to the ceiling. It’s a stunning focal point that energizes the dark countertops, while the bright cabinet hue links it all together. This would be a fun kitchen to cook in.

Thinking outside the box, why not look at metal sheeting to create a one-of-a-kind scene. You can buy stainless steel, aluminium, and copper in sheets rather than tiles. Copper has the distinction of looking stunning in its natural state, and also remarkable when left to age naturally. To make your own copper backsplash it is easier to cut a piece of mdf to size and cover it with the copper sheeting. You can age copper sheets that have not been sealed to get that turquoise and green coloration that comes with prolonged exposure.

Glass sheets afford options for adding sparkle and interest. Place fabric on the wall and cover with glass; paint the back of the glass; mix glass and metal sheets side by side.

Already popular, subway tiles are moving into larger sizes and many materials including porcelain and glass. Tile sizes mix it up as do finishes.
Shiny or matte, the elegant look of natural stones has been copied in less expensive materials, which is helpful when a larger area is being covered. You can also tile a whole wall leaving space for a focal inset or two using contrasting materials.

Enhance your backsplash with good lighting. Metals and mirror dazzle with undercounter lights and a whole wall of glitter is dramatic with the right light shining on it. Have dimmers and watch how the mood changes with movement from high to low intensity.