Benjamin Moore’s exterior paint and a selection of warm and fresh corals will brighten your entranceway and welcome you home.
For Farrow & Ball “the quickest way to an envy-inducing exterior is a beautifully painted front door.”

Dear Debbie;

We are doing some landscaping around a typical bungalow and while we are at it, wonder about what colour to paint the front door. It is dark brown and feels quite lifeless. We need a lift. Thanks for your help. You are always so cheerful.
— Bryan

Dear Bryan;

The front door of your home sends the first signal of what is to come; it tells the beginning of the story of how you live, a hint about your design preference and, most importantly, a sign of welcome. If your entrance is looking a bit run down or unappealing there are simple steps you can take to remedy the situation. A fresh coat of paint promises an instant transformation. I’ve chosen two images that offer some inspiration and I hope will help you to think about colours other than brown or black, which are excellent traditional choices but why not consider something a bit more creative.

First up is an entrance that has classic lines. Architectural details frame the doorway with columns and a small roof-style overhang all painted white. The door is flanked by a brick column on one side and white siding on the opposite. The door is painted in a coral/pink shade from Benjamin Moore that has been drawn from the bricks. Pinks and pale orange shades are bright and friendly, promising a sunny day even when there is rain in the forecast. When you walk up to this front door expectations are high that all is well and there is going to be more happy surprises inside.

Modern architecture can feel cold to some of us with its minimal lines and spare details, but that’s not always the case. There is such beauty in the rich entranceway featuring Farrow & Ball’s intense blue called Scotch Blue. It’s from their Colour by Nature Palette, “created in collaboration with the Natural History Museum to bring he true colours of nature into your home.” This deep blue connects well with Ash Grey for the woodwork or stone pavers and steps.

Just like the hardware you choose inside, such as your kitchen cabinet handles, the front door will be enhanced with a solid brass or wrought iron door knocker. Check out what’s available and you’ll notice the difference it makes to a plain door. Also, while you are landscaping, build up your entrance with urns on either side of the door. Fill with seasonal flowers and greenery.

Dear Debbie;

We have just moved into a real fixer-upper and are taking stock of what needs serious replacement and what can be cosmetically upgraded. The interior doors are all plain and flat. What do you suggest we do?
— Elayna and Suzanne

Dear Elayna and Suzanne;

If you are at all handy with DIY projects I have just the answer. Create panels on the flat-faced doors with moulding strips. These strips come in different styles and are easy to install. Any moulding that creates the look of a picture frame is a good choice. Apply a base coat of paint to the door, decide on a panel design, measure and draw the panel shapes on the door. If you would like the inside of the panel/s to be a different colour, tape off around the pencil lines and paint inside the panels. Cut the moulding strips to fit, mitering the corners. Paint them the same colour as the basecoat. Attach the stripes with wood glue and brads (tiny nails). The paneled doors look impressive and you can style them to look traditional or modern.