Artwork and photos line up against a floral backdrop, sharing the limelight.

Dear Debbie;

I’d like to use a floral wallpaper in our bedroom, but I’m concerned that it’s too pretty for my husband. Also, does a printed wallpaper limit what and how you display pictures? What would you suggest? Thanks
— Diedre

Dear Dierdre;

This is a great question. A beautiful riot of flowers makes a stunning choice for a bedroom, and bold florals are super popular right now. But you do have to consider how busy your wall will look when hanging pictures. Because of the pattern and colour, your floral paper will be the star of the room’s décor. Adding art or photos to the mix will often muddy the overall effect. But there are ways to fix this. Choose a piece of art that doesn’t fight with the floral design; it could share some of the colours. Or choose a floral print that is subdued with few colour variations. Use a wide mat when framing the picture so that there is space between the image and the wallpaper for your eye to adjust. This will give both elements their visual due. The goal is to equalize, not cause either to outshine the other. If you have used the floral print on an accent wall, then hang art on the plain walls.
Another option is to set up a display of prints or photos on a side table or an easel that is set up in front of the floral wallpaper. This will give you more leeway. If possible, connect the display by colour or subject. Black and white tie together a photo and sketch, very different mediums that work well here. Framed mirrors are a perfect fit for busy wallpapers. Frames can make a stunning statement, carved and gilded for a romantic look, bold, metallic or glass for a wall with geometric designs.
Be sure about what you are hanging before you use nails or screws as wallpaper can’t be patched like a painted wall. And about your husband … men like flowers too … and bedroom lights are turned down low, so don’t worry about it unless he has been very vocal re florals. I wouldn’t want to start a fight. Enjoy your indoor garden.

Dear Debbie;

My spare room is very small. I am making it into a guest bedroom and want to also use it as a TV room to free up my living room. The bed I’m using is a single, no headboard. How would you decorate?
— Connie

Dear Connie;

It is lovely to be able to move the TV to the spare room or den. Today’s screens are large, making a conversation-friendly sitting arrangement tricky when you have the TV and its components to deal with. The bed will be the focal point of the room so why not make it splendid? Line up the bed against the wall and build a backdrop along its length. You can buy headboards separately; a double or queen will fit the length of your single bed. Choose a padded headboard, there’s lots of choice right now as the style has become popular once again. If the padded headboard is too plain, you may want to upholster the padding with a favourite fabric such as a plush velvet or a silky fabric strewn with flowers. Select a bedcover and lots of cushions that complement the headboard. Set up your TV on the opposite wall placed on a dresser, a good way to hide all the wires. The dresser can hold linens and space for your guest to unpack. If you have enough room, invest in an easy chair that rocks or swivels. Place a bedside table between the bed and the chair. You now have a comfy spot for watching TV and an inviting place to sleep.