Today is June 24 – well not when you’re reading this, but when I wrote it. It’s always been a very special day to me. Not because of someone named Jean Baptist but my hero, Josh. It is his birthday – my first born. A child’s birthday is always emotional for a parent – all those memories, but today was packed with a lifetime of intense feelings for me and not just me, but for most Brits. We woke this morning in Tuscany to the daily chorus of two fat roosters and numerous gossipy hens, plus the poetic chatter of what has become our resident builders. After 5 years of renovation, a handful seem to have forgotten to depart the premises. Since there is always ‘stuff’ to do, they just turn up every day at the crack of dawn.
So anyway we were all ready to wake up our beloved boy, who now resides in Geneva, when all our electronic gizmos lit up the bed. I know, I know. You’re
not supposed to lovingly say goodnight to your cell phone (I have 2), iPad and laptop instead of the bloke you’ve been married to for nearly 30 years,
but sadly in my house we cannot break the habit. Lights were flashing from inside the duvet as the BBC news flashes were, well, flashing. Britain had
voted to leave the EU. A terrible decision for so many, especially the young. We started our day as expats in Italy, with one son working in Europe…
to S&%#T I never thought would happen, which I am sure was going on in every bedroom across Europe. The uncertainty begins. Of course as the selfish
human beings we are – maybe just me – we immediately think how it will affect us. If the pound collapses, which it did, but so did oil, prices could
make sending money over for our ludicrous, out of control renovation in the UK a little easier to our status in Italy.
As I Skype my son singing happy birthday and field calls from numerous friends, family and business associates about Brexit, my electrician comes racing
into the villa with a beaming smile as wide as the now widening English Channel. He had been hanging three of the most glorious, glass chandeliers
under my long metal pergola. Now I know I am shallow, but I had to flee the best wishes my darling Skype call and panicked phone calls and hurtle outside
– third massive emotion of the morning. The lights were magnificent; the oversized glass drops glittering in the morning sunshine. One day my children
will hopefully get married under those lights plus this summer we celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary and there will be legendary party under those
glistening, shimmering chandeliers. It is going to be a difficult and tumulus few years as Britain moves forward on the emotional and sad departure
from the EU. The unknown is always scary but I have to say, I do love my outside chandeliers!!