painting Q&A's

Dear Debbie;

I read your article on the gray paint tones popular for this year and need some help. I'm moving into a rented space for a while and the landlord has agreed to paint as long as it's a neutral shade. I don't want beige! My sofa and armchair have a faded floral palette of soft cream, dusty pink and pale green. What shade of gray would look good with my furniture?

Thank you.


Dear Doreen;

I seem to spend my time pleasing landlords! I think you can get away with calling a soft pale gray a neutral. The look of today's gray has a hint of lavender, warm and succulent. It is a wonderful colour and you will see many rooms in magazines painted in these shades this year. Another alternative is a gray with a hint of brown, what I call mouse gray. Always sophisticated, these grays can be accessorized with most other colours, including your dusty pink and green fabrics. It's an easy colour to work with; my only advice is to make sure your trim is a crisp white to bring out the full beauty of your new gray walls.