Wide wood plank columns

May 11, 2010

Dear Debbie;

We are moving into a condo and I want it to be chic and pretty. For the floors, I liked the idea in one of your columns where you described rubbed white, wide wood planks. Is the white wood process too difficult for a senior to do? Is it expensive? Thanks so much for your consideration.



Dear Judy;

You can buy pre-finished laminate floor boards with a whitewash look, which is what we used in the condo you mentioned. Check with your local flooring specialist and they will direct you to the correct product. This is your easiest and probably the least expensive option. If you want to stain or paint a new raw wood floor, then sand first to open the wood grain. For a whitewashed effect, apply white wood floor stain. This creates a fresh patina that suits both cottage and modern style. For solid white, apply two coats of white floor paint and then 2 coats of varnish for extra durability.