Bentwood rocker re-finish

May 11, 2010

Dear Debbie;

    I have a Bentwood Rocker that is pretty beat up and I’d like to refinish it in white to fit in with my bedroom. The seat and back is rattan and I don’t know if the paint will chip off? Is there a special paint or procedure?



Dear Leslie;

    Follow the same preparation for both pre-painted surfaces and the rattan back and seat that most likely have a sealer finish. Before painting, sand the wood and rattan lightly to rough up the surface so that paint will adhere. If you have sanded down to raw wood (on the frame or rattan) then apply a wood primer to seal the wood before you paint. The easiest way to paint rattan is with spray. A brush tends to leave globs of paint in the holes and cracks. Be sure to protect your work area as spray paint becomes airborne. Spray the front and let dry, then turn over and spray the back. Use thin coats to protect from drips, and apply two coats per side.