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May 6, 2013
Splurge on an expensive wallpaper to maximize the impact of your feature wall.


 Q: I have a large living room and would like to create an accent wall. What is the purpose of an accent wall and how do I decide which wall?
A: An accent wall also is known as a focal or feature wall. When you enter the room, your eye will be drawn to it first. In a living room, for example, if there is a fireplace, that would be the natural focal point of the space. If you do not have a fireplace, there may be another major element such as a large armoire or media center. The accent or feature wall can be decorated to heighten and take advantage of its importance in the room. Often a bold or contrasting paint color is chosen, perhaps a color that would be too much for the entire room but stunning on just one wall. This is the place to apply an expensive wall treatment, textured wallpaper, stone or wood finish, or even fabric.


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August 21, 2011
Warm red walls have been randomly decorated with a series of stencilled fern leaves.

Stencilling is one of the oldest decorating techniques, dating back to paleolithic cave paintings as early as 30,000 BC....(read more)