wallpaper Columns

August 21, 2011
Warm red walls have been randomly decorated with a series of stencilled fern leaves.

Stencilling is one of the oldest decorating techniques, dating back to paleolithic cave paintings as early as 30,000 BC....(read more)

Paintable embossed wallpaper is available in modern design options like this cheerful dotty pattern painted pink for a happy nursery.

Wallpaper has exploded back into our lives. We are using it in every room in the home. Often just on a focal wall, but I have seen these exciting new patterns used on everything from furnishings to ceilings. There are two major trends in paper design showing equal popularity. The first is large, overblown patterns and motifs. Seen in colour and black and white, these are gorgeous patterns that will evoke any mood you choose, from cheerful blossoms to dramatic geometrics. By changing the scale of familiar patterns you create a modern twist on traditional style....(read more)