stencilling Columns

September 4, 2017
A grid of vertical and horizontal lines were marked off as a guide to positioning these floating stenciled poppies.

Stenciling never goes out of style! This week I show you floating poppies in a joyful guest room …...(read more)

November 25, 2013
Photo courtesy Royal Design Studio

Every year as the holidays approach I promise myself that I will get organized early and give myself the time to really think about my gift-giving. And although I still end up rushing around the week before, it’s the planned gifts, the presents that make a personal connection and have a hands-on touch that I cherish most of all. A handmade offering says love in a big way....(read more)

October 8, 2012
This enchanting swing mural from Elephants on the Wall is easily reproduced by tracing and paint by numbers.

 The concept of a focal wall is not new. We have painted scenes, motifs, diagrams and personal images on interior surfaces for thousands of years.

Employing these decorative features was once the purview of artists who had the talent to paint and draw and add dimension to images so that they appeared lifelike.
Today the keen do-it-yourselfer has the means to replicate any theme in large format on walls, ceilings and floors with only a modicum of artistic ability. Here are options for creating a mural that will enhance any room and lifestyle. You pick the place and the subject, then find the resource that suits your style.
...(read more)