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January 29, 2017
Beauty shot: Saturated purple and sumptuous velvet are both trends this year that will add a luxurious component to your décor. Step by step: Place the rubber stamp under the right side of the velvet and press with an iron to produce a pattern.

I answer a reader’s query about the practicality of buying a blue velvet sofa, and show how to make a stamped velvet cushion …...(read more)

October 31, 2016
Black, white and mirrored mosaics make friendly kitchen images designed by the children

Let the kids design your backsplash and build a faux brick wall for this week’s DIY projects …...(read more)

July 11, 2016
Easy to assemble, Flor carpet tiles inspire you to create your own clever rug designs.

DIYers, design your own rug in delicious patterns using beautiful and practical carpet tiles from Flor....(read more)