planning Columns

November 7, 2016

Keep life simple with open plan living from the mudroom to the kitchen this week …...(read more)

April 13, 2015
Condos in Toronto are continuing to shrink, but the Cubitat goes even farther, squeezing everything needed to live into a tiny cube.

Today, we are experiencing an almost overwhelming surge of new condominium builds to keep up with the demand for living space in highly sought-after urban addresses. Prices soar as the average square footage of each unit shrinks.

This is today’s reality. And this reality is the framework within which great architects and designers stretch their talents. ...(read more)

January 5, 2015

When I am asked what colours are going to be on trend for the coming year, I think about what the next few years hold for us in terms of lifestyle choices, and changes in the marketplace. Here are my four colour themes for the coming year......(read more)