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September 22, 2014

Setting up a living space that welcomes you home and nourishes your soul is an ongoing and evolving process. Our ideas of what looks great and feels right on the home front broaden with the experiences we have, the places we see, our jobs and the special people with whom we share the space.

When industrial design began to insinuate itself into residential quarters, it felt like the polar opposite of traditional and country styles … how could it ever work, except for the artsy types that lived in an urban loft? But we evolved. With the guidelines of recycle, renew and reuse a mainstay of modern life, reclaimed wood, architectural salvage, iron and galvanized metals are among the hottest of decorative materials today. 


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January 7, 2013
Left: People are enjoying the contrast of metals in the kitchen that’s provided with copper range hoods, lights, and sinks next to stainless steel appliances. Right: The new modern look -- GE’s Slate finish is designed to blend into today’s kitchens adding the warmth and matte finish of stone.
Anyone who has built or renovated a kitchen is aware of the endless lists of decisions there are to be made along the way. What complicates the process is the number and variety of materials that are required, and how best to put them together to make a cohesive design.

Generally, the cabinetry takes up the bulk of the space, visually dominating the room. Countertops, flooring, walls and backsplash all butt up against the cabinets. So you are looking at wood, tile, stone, linoleum, laminates and metals to mingle into a pleasing display. However, it’s the hardworking appliances that are at the heart of the well-planned kitchen. They have a colour story too. ...(read more)

December 31, 2012
A pressed tin backsplash is given more dimension with an ocher glaze rubbed over the yellow base coat.
Q: On one of your shows I saw you painting an embossed tin backsplash. I love the idea, knowing that I don’t have to change the whole backsplash if my colour tastes change — I can just repaint. Where do I find embossed tin and how do I paint it?

A: Embossed tin sheets are not only decorative, but they are practical. They’ll last forever with the occasional coat of fresh paint. There are plenty of patterns available.  ...(read more)