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April 25, 2017
When creating a relaxed sitting area, start by appeasing your senses.

I set up an inviting relaxation zone with help from ...(read more)

April 27, 2015

Like the seasons, decorating our homes has an ebb and flow of colour and energy. It is always exciting to see what’s new in the design world, which patterns and shades have arrived, how styles have shifted, or perhaps stayed the same but have a new twist. When you have fallen in love with a bolt of fabric or a quirky lamp, what’s next? What are the chances that you can add something new without making everything else look shabby?...(read more)

April 20, 2015
The flexibility of a fluid medium offers "enormous possibilities for creativity," says carpenter and furniture creator Keith Crewe.

Keith Crewe is passionate about concrete and he has lots to tell. “Concrete starts out as a fluid medium,” remarks Crewe, “which offers enormous possibilities for creativity.” The flexibility is what feeds Crewe and allows his imagination to take flight. Crewe is a carpenter by trade, but once he realized what could be achieved with concrete, it opened up a whole new world of design options for him. So he now produces stunning concrete countertops, but also concrete table tops, wall panels, beams and more. ...(read more)