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May 25, 2015
A rustic structure calls for sinks and cabinets made from natural, sustainable materials

Dear Debbie,

We are building a cabin in the woods, a dream we have had forever. As much as possible, we are using reclaimed wood and any other salvaged materials to complete the rooms. Have you any sources or ideas for the kitchen and bathroom?

Dear Hannah and Doug,

I admire your adventurous spirit and know how it feels to make a dream like this come true. I have been renovating an 800-year-old villa and farmhouse in Tuscany for three years now, and have taken countless trips to stone quarries and salvage sites as well as every kind of flea market and roadside sale to gather material and furniture for my new home......(read more)

May 18, 2015
These lights don’t emit heat, and use a fraction of the energy of a traditional light bulb.

One of the most important elements when considering interior decor is lighting. A proper lighting plan will insure that your home works safely, economically and looks its best. If you are still using traditional light bulbs throughout your home, it’s time consider today’s alternative....(read more)

May 4, 2015
This eye-catching unit can easily switch between a desk and a bed.

When you are planning a space that has a dual purpose, your best option is to find furniture that also can be transformed depending on the requirements of the day......(read more)