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February 13, 2017
The warm look of a woven carpet appears on Ceramica Sant’Agostino’s new porcelain tiles. It looks like fabric, but the Tartan walls are actually covered in practical porcelain tile.

The Tailorart porcelain tiles from Ceramica Sant’Agostino look like real carpet, touch them to believe it …...(read more)

September 12, 2016
Good quality, hardwearing laminate flooring is transforming floors and walls with mid-century flair.

Armstrong’s quality laminate flooring is transforming floors and walls to produce striking interiors that can take traffic with ease…...(read more)

October 13, 2015
Stainmaster's textured contemporary designs and ultra-soft touch underfoot signal the welcome return of wall-to-wall carpets.

Soft, long-wearing and stylish, wall-to-wall carpeting is back in vogue....(read more)