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January 14, 2018
This faux stone entrance hall, circa 1998, was a paint technique made accessible with the advent of water-based paints and glazes. The timeless look of frescoed walls can be produced by anyone using today’s eco-friendly paints and glazes.

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October 14, 2014

Dear Debbie,


I have a large poster in colours that radiate the awesome beauty of the desert that I bought while travelling in the U.S. Southwest. I’d like to put it above my bed. Should I have it framed? What’s the best way to hang it? Thanks,


Dear Leona,

This is a good question. Posters that you want to last need some form of protection. Framing is your best choice. For large pictures this can be expensive, but you can search out stores that provide self-framing. They supply the materials and you do the work yourself. Or you can make a frame with just a few simple tools...

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September 29, 2014
Two shades of metallic paint are mixed with glaze to create realistic steel panels in a modern condo.

Dear Debbie,

I am tempted to try to use metallic paint that I have seen in the store, but before I buy it I’d like to know more about it. Do I dilute the paint? Do I use regular paint tools? Can I apply it over wood or on a wall?


Dear Kit,

Metallic paint is just as versatile as regular paint and has many exciting decorative possibilities...

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