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June 20, 2016
The sunny yellow door displays a friendly invitation to enter and be happy.

Modern Masters new front door paint brightens an entryway and sets a welcome tone this week…...(read more)

June 22, 2015
Designing your own coir mat is an easy do-it-yourself project with plenty of different options.

Decorated welcome mats add lots of character to an entryway. Anything goes, from short messages of welcome (or warnings) to house numbers, geometric patterns and bright florals......(read more)

September 24, 2012
Transform your home with a new entryway and take advantage of the energy-saving features as well as the fresh, welcome appearance.
Q: We will be selling our house in the fall and want to give it some added curb appeal. Would there be much work and expense involved in putting in a new front door? I was thinking of adding side glass panels, not sure if this is a mistake. Thank you for any ideas.

A: Replacing your entry door is a great idea. It will not only transform the exterior of your home, but also your front hall. Any rooms that open onto the hall will reap the benefit of a new design, and if you add glass panels, more light. Entrance doors come in wood, fiberglass and steel. Wood is a traditional favourite with authentic designs to match your architectural style, whether Victorian, Colonial or Craftsman. The new fiberglass or steel doors look like wood but offer low maintenance, and are more weather resistant and durable. They’re also more budget friendly.  ...(read more)