Company C's furniture and accessories would brighten any space

April 27, 2015

Like the seasons, decorating our homes has an ebb and flow of colour and energy. It is always exciting to see what’s new in the design world, which patterns and shades have arrived, how styles have shifted, or perhaps stayed the same but have a new twist. When you have fallen in love with a bolt of fabric or a quirky lamp, what’s next? What are the chances that you can add something new without making everything else look shabby?

First, get inspired by doing some research online, in magazines and in stores. Upholster a chair, switch your carpet, try out a modern lamp, paint the walls. As long as you co-ordinate with a repeat in colour shades, or some other link that pulls it all together, you can mix styles, patterns, old and new furniture and accessories without it looking like a jumble.

I have learned that it’s the details that transform a room, those eye-catching moments that make you pause and smile. I discovered Company C online. Their website is not only filled with all the delights of spring, but their room vignettes demonstrate the glory of handcrafted details. Their Resort Collection, shown here, vibrates with sunny colours, lush textures and sassy accessories. The furniture is traditional and inviting, enhanced by contrasting piping, or nailhead trim. The plantation-style Island Chair has brightly painted turned wood legs and is upholstered in contemporary Plaza fabric that sets off its tailored look. The carpet alone is a showstopper. To-bay-go features marine flora against a sea-coloured ground. Organic patterns are stitched in with chunky, twisted yarns.

The tabletop accessories would brighten any space. The Taos vase has bold aqua blocks stacked slightly askew; the intersecting circles of teal glass art are Escher sculptures. Sofa cushions are a simple way of introducing a seasonal change to your rooms. The bright colours and floral patterns in the Palmetto pillow on the sofa are joyful, and are highlighted with appliques and hand embroidery. Again, it’s about detail. This is a passion for Company C. Now that spring is here, bring some of that awesome spirit inside and bask in the tropical splendour. It can last all year round.