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January 20, 2014

Dear Debbie,


The kids are grown now and we are renovating our basement room to suit our lifestyle. The toys, beanbag chairs and table hockey have been cleared out. We’d even like the TV to be hidden. Have you any ideas for making a “below level” room look inviting? What about the ceiling and the high windows? Thanks, Ray and Connie.

Dear Ray and Connie,

Recreation rooms have come a long way from their poorly lit, dark-paneled predecessors. With the proper attention to window coverings, floor and ceiling materials, you’ll even forget you are in the basement. 

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August 27, 2012
A basement craft centre is designed to stock all your hobby needs and leave space for work and play.

Q: We have a small space in our basement for a craft area where we can do hobbies and school projects for the kids. Please offer some ideas on how to set it up to work for everyone.

A: I have just designed a craft space for hobbies, gift wrapping, and those homework projects that the whole family helps with. The challenge is to have all your supplies easily accessible and in plain view. My creative spirit really takes off when my tools are right at hand.

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July 9, 2012
Turn your basement into a welcome guest bedroom with flexible furnishings.

Q We have company coming in August. They'll sleep on a pullout in the basement. Any tips for making the space feel less like the kids' playroom?

A: With any luck, the weather will be good and the children can play outdoors. Convertible furniture is the key to creating a dual-purpose space.
You have a pullout, so you're halfway there. It's always welcoming if the pullout couch can be made up with fresh linens and pillows and left open for the time your guests are staying with you. That way it becomes their space. A wardrobe is a versatile addition for year-round storage. You can pack away toys, books and off-season clothes, and clear a few shelves for your guests.

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