Laura Muir
Style at Home
A chic London, England, house close to her favourite shops lets decorating guru Debbie Travis explore her bright side.
Lisa Fitterman
More Magazine
From model to producer to design diva, Debbie Travis has always been more of a doer than a dreamer. But now, on her new CBC show, She is helping others' dreams come true.
Matthew Hays
Via Destinations Magazine
Debbie Travis has created a home renovation empire. She's even earned accolades from none other than Oprah Winfrey!
Candice Vallantin
Reader's Digest
Debbie travis' new TV show, All for One, celebrates drive, success, and giving back.
Andrea Ford & Rachel Giese
When it comes to dinner parties, Debbie Travis - Canada's doyenne of home decor - falls decidedly into the less-is-more camp: Mix one no-fuss meal with a simple outdoor setti
Olivia Barker
Home & Garden USA
She embraces the goofs, too.
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