The Debbie Travis Group

The Debbie Travis Group encompasses two companies that create a multimedia platform that builds successful brands and franchises in television, print and retail for the global market. Our convergence approach ensures that all companies work in sync to leverage each other’s core competencies and unique abilities.

Whalley Abbey Media (WAM)
WAM is headquartered in Montreal and is the production and distribution company founded by Debbie Travis and her husband Hans Rosenstein. WAM is responsible for pioneering some of the most innovative factual programming such as Debbie Travis’ Painted House, Completely Hammered, Her Money, Debbie Travis’ Facelift, Buy Me, the Property Shop and Chuck’s Day Off. Debbie Travis’ shows can be seen in over 80 countries worldwide. WAM is also a state-of-the-art post-production facility.

Debbie Travis Canada Branding Inc. (DTCB)
DTCB is the brand marketing arm that develops products for the global marketplace. This includes the Debbie Travis Collection with over 1000 skus in the home categories. DTCB also oversees the management and development of all Debbie Travis brand extensions within the Debbie Travis Group such as, Debbie Travis’ Girls Getaway, Debbie Travis Interiors and on-screen franchise spin-offs.