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Dear Debbie,
Our new (old) house in town has many windows, not big ones, but there are three windows in the living room that are side by side with an 18-inch space between each window. I’m not really a curtain fan. We are used to living in the country where privacy was not an issue. What would you do here?

Dear Suzanne,



I am writing this column on the weekend that most of North America is turning clocks forward an hour. Until we adjust, it’s like losing an hour’s sleep, but we gain more daylight at the end of the day. The reverse happens in the fall. This manmade approach to optimizing the amount of natural light we can enjoy as the earth moves around the sun is meant to help our circadian rhythm stay on track. I travel back and forth across the Atlantic on a regular basis, so my body is almost used to switching from awake to sleep hours, but it is still a struggle.

Windows, stained glass hold a lot of potential for interior design

One of the most common challenges that I am asked to address by readers is what to do about windows. It may be that they have windows that are an awkward shape, or placed too high or too low. Others have too many windows, or too few. Should you always cover windows with draperies? Or blinds? Or when can you leave them bare? There are a variety of solutions depending on your need for privacy and light, as well as the architecture and style of your home.

Large windows can be good and bad

Dear Debbie,

No Strings Attached

Q: My children’s bedroom is large and bright and has a wall of windows. What would you suggest for covering the windows? I have two rambunctious (a nice word for wild) boys and curtains aren’t an option.

Blah Colours


Dear Judi;

Sun And Shades


Dear Mona;

Window Films With Vision

I admit, that when it comes to decorating, my first or even second thoughts have nothing to do with windows. I start with what sort of mood I want to create in the room, and then move to colour and furniture choices. It’s only after I’ve been living in a fishbowl for far too long and getting curious looks from my neighbours, that I make my move.
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