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If you are searching for a novel technique that will add a personal touch to your room, why not look to the artists and one of their many inspiring styles. Bas relief, is a form of decoration that rises slightly off the surface. Cut-out cardboard shapes, string or yarn, anything you can glue onto your background surface can be used to produce a design, pattern or picture that is in relief. Fat globs of paint rise above the surface as well and can be interspersed throughout the design. Note that thick layers of paint take extra time to dry.


Dear Debbie;
I took advantage of an amazing sale on a porch swing that I couldn’t afford when I first saw it back in May. I’d like to paint it even though it’s new. Is that crazy?

Dear Robin;


Dear Debbie;
My partner and I are redoing an old table and wood back chair. We enjoy the rich patinas in the style of Japanese furniture lacquer. Have you any tips on how to create the look? Thank you.

Dear Akiko;


Anyone who enjoys paint projects knows how handy good painter’s tape can be. It helps you paint straight lines and into tricky corners, and protects areas not to be painted. Painter’s tape is not as sticky as masking tape, so it is easier to remove. You’ll find different widths for a variety of projects. Remove tape with care, pulling it off toward the fresh paint. Here are two projects that were made possible with the aid of painter’s tape.


Dear Debbie;
When shopping for a sofa, I saw a beautiful love seat that was upholstered in blue velvet. Would it be a mistake to choose a winter fabric for a piece that will be in my living room all year round?

Dear Andrea;


When there is a specific style that you want to achieve, a good starting point is to investigate the materials and colours that are synonymous with that look. Traditional interiors call to mind the warm hues of polished wood, inviting sofas and chairs covered in classic stripes and paisley prints, wallpapered walls and lots of family photos on tables and shelves. A chic city loft style would show off sleek furniture lines, a mix of metal meets wood or plastic for furniture, white walls with a shock of accent colour such as navy blue or acid yellow for a surprising contrast.


Dear Debbie,
We are redoing our 5-year-old daughter’s room and would like ideas on flooring that will be practical but also fun. Thanks,

Dear Bridgit,

Add some character to your entrance with a distinct coir welcome mat

Dear Debbie,

We have purchased some coir welcome mats and would like to personalize them. What paint do you recommend and what’s the best technique? Thanks,


Dear Brianna,

Decorated welcome mats add lots of character to an entryway. Anything goes, from short messages of welcome (or warnings) to house numbers, geometric patterns and bright florals. Allmodern.com and birchlane.com are two sites that will inspire you so much you’ll never lay out a plain mat again. For those who would like to decorate their own coir mat, this is an easy DIY project.

Salvaged barnwood and Venetian plaster make a unique DIY shelf

Dear Debbie,

We enjoy DIY projects and are looking for some fresh ideas for storage or shelves in our kids’ bedrooms. Do you have any ideas with instructions? Much appreciated.

Bob and Leeanne

Dear Bob and Leeanne,

A décor inspired by men’s clothes

I’m often asked how best to go about decorating for men. It can be a conundrum. Men know what they don’t like, or what they are not supposed to like, but when put to the test, are not so sure of what they do like. If you are battling with this decorating dilemma, there is a clever way around it. (This works for women too.) Look in his closet. How does he dress? Check out his suits, ties, shirts and sweaters. If he likes to wear it, he’ll want to live in it. There is a comfort level in decorating, as there is in the way we dress.

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