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Dear Debbie,
We plan to put our home on the market in a few months (the fall) and would like some tips on how to get it ready. Is it smart to fix up the exterior as well as the interior? We are happy to put in the work ourselves. Thanks.

Dear Gwen,

A décor inspired by men’s clothes

I’m often asked how best to go about decorating for men. It can be a conundrum. Men know what they don’t like, or what they are not supposed to like, but when put to the test, are not so sure of what they do like. If you are battling with this decorating dilemma, there is a clever way around it. (This works for women too.) Look in his closet. How does he dress? Check out his suits, ties, shirts and sweaters. If he likes to wear it, he’ll want to live in it. There is a comfort level in decorating, as there is in the way we dress.

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